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Fond Farewell

I have had a lovely week saying farewell to my colleagues and reminiscing over the changes to our profession over the last 34 years!!

I have been nervous treating patients this week …..don’t want anything to go wrong at this late stage. I braced myself as the alarm from the toilets at the main entrance to the hospital rang out in our department on Wednesday morning. Fortunately, as usual, it was an error as we discovered as we knocked on the door to check the occupant was ok!!

My final patient of the day on Thursday needed a knee joint injection…..fingers tightly crossed for no anaphylactic reaction on my last day!! When we were all finished and she was ready to leave I couldn’t hold in my excitement and explained to her she was my final NHS patient. She very kindly then thanked me for my service to the NHS which was such a lovely end to a very happy career.

Having spent four years as Out Patient Team Leader I decided many years ago that management was not for me. Contact with Patients and Colleagues has always been my motivation. Gift Box Geraghty was my nick name in my second job. One of my most memorable gifts was some very nice underwear from a female patient who owned an underwear company ……funny what you remember 30 years on !!

I spent 18 months working in Australia, the home of Geoffrey Maitland a Physio guru on the 1980s!! The main thing I learned there was that Australians moan about the weather as much as the English ….too hot / too bright / too dry but I loved the sunshine and open air lifestyle….no need for rugs / hot water bottles and patio heaters in Adelaide!! I was happy to come home as I missed the European Cities and my family.

So now I’m looking forwards to a weeks holiday and then starting the next chapter of my life. Getting back live to the studio and having more time for treating patients at the clinic will be an exciting challenge. I look forwards to sharing it with you all.

I hope you are all enjoying our new freedom of meet ups in the garden …..despite the snow.

Stay Safe, Take Care

Anne xx

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