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Feel Healthier and Fitter !

On Friday we finished the working week on a really positive note. With such a good weather forecast we decided to work from the garden and managed not only a Zoom class but also to complete the Video to be released tomorrow. When we are roasting up at the studio we have often talked about doing Pilates outside so as the seriousness of Co-Vid 19 continues to affect us all in so many different ways it was great to deliver such positive sessions.

I have to say Pilates is my ray of sunshine at the moment and I want to thank you all so much for your ongoing support which is enabling me to have some really positive experiences in these troubled times.

Mike was also very pleased with himself by Friday night as the first customers in our on line shop had made some purchases without any assistance !! If anyone is having problems do get in touch. Worryingly he is now considering setting up his own shop to sell 'widgets' online .....I think he needs to stay focused on Pilates !!

Several clients selected the postal delivery option so this afternoon we set off on our first Pilates By Physiotherapy Home Delivery service !! We have talked about getting out on our bikes since the start of Lock down but walking Archie always takes priority. So we left him looking sad in the hall and set off on our bikes. The route selected by Google maps was not followed as it took us up Redhills Lane!!! We were out much longer than expected as our first drop off was a neighbour of some very old friends of ours so we ended up in their garden with a cup of tea!! The advantages of being a delivery rider for your own business !!

We have learned an important lesson too ...always carry spare stock because as we headed uphill to Newton Hall another order from Newton Hall came in .....that would have been the fastest delivery ever ....but never mind another ride out will be good for us!

The sunshine last week certainly seemed to raise people's spirits. Two of my telephone consultations at UHND were done with people sitting in their gardens and at the end of the conversation both said how useful and convenient the appointment had been!! My ability to type and talk is not greatly improving as I find my body just has to demonstrate the movements my brain is trying to explain !! Sadly I think I will be getting lots of practice in telephone consultations over the coming months so hopefully my efficiency will improve !!

Please do take a look at the shop and place your order ASAP. If selling these items works out we will try to increase our range of products in the future.

Take Care, Stay Alert


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Victoria Redway
Victoria Redway
30. Juni 2020

We have just done the latest video with the new instructor, Archie. What a star! Who needs goat yoga with dog pilates? Hopefully, he will feature again?

Gefällt mir
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