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Essential Shopping Only !


I survived my first shopping trip since lockdown this morning... I have to say I prefer teaching Pilates on a Friday morning! Please only do essential shopping and keep your distance at all times.

Thank you for your kind comments on the previous posts, I love hearing from you as I'm missing the chatter of the classes. I'm sure the clap for carers was greatly appreciated by all involved in caring in any way....including the shop assistants who were doing a great job this morning.

I have had a hectic time in the NHS this week. We had a really constructive session with the Respiratory physios at UHND, they are learning so much from sharing the experiences of physio friends in other parts of the country, it is really reassuring. We had a trauma session and an OT session so not sure what hat I will be wearing but feel we are doing our best to prepare for what may happen. In between the training we are busy contacting our own MSK patients to provide some advice re exercises etc where possible. It was quite a scene in the physio department yesterday seeing the physios sitting with their headphones on having worked out its much more efficient to be hands free so you can type while talking on the phone!! By the end of the shift I found myself doing the exercises / typing and talking to the patients all at once !! My favourite quote of the day was from a patient who said I have 3 devices and 2 ears could you ring back later !! The challenges of working at home while looking after small children should not be underestimated.

My son Sam has given himself a number one haircut....I hardly recognised him in the photo he sent....quite scary. As I drove to work it made me smile thinking which of you gentlemen will go for long hair and which will risk the home clippers !! and how us ladies will look with no colour for 12 weeks or will home colour become part of essential shopping ??

We will down load some more videos onto the website this weekend, don't do them all at once as they won't keep coming at this pace but while we are all well and have some time I feel it is worth putting them on.

Take care and stay at home

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