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Equipment Returns !

We are all really looking forwards to next week as we take another big step forwards in the studio. Due to the government guideline changes re isolating when you are a contact with someone who tests positive for Covid 19 we are bringing back equipment and coming off our mats!!

The freedom to move around the room will be fantastic and soon our hands on guidance will follow. We will continue to wear a mask as we move around the room and we ask you all to respect social distancing and wait outside until your Physio welcomes you in. As Physios we wear full PPE (gloves / apron / mask) when we are treating patients and we are all aware of the difficulties currently facing Health and Social care. We continue to strive to do our best to limit the spread of Covid 19. We ask for your continued support as we try to move on from the restrictions placed upon us during the Pandemic whilst being aware that Covid 19 is still with us . I can see very clearly the benefits people feel coming to Live classes and am delighted to share the studio with you all.

We have welcomed back several clients to the studio this week and signed up several new clients. I continue to take each week as it comes, sharing the ups and downs with so many of you is a real bonus. Life continues to be unpredictable and complicated for so many its good to know Pilates continues to give peace of mind, strength and balance to so many of you.

I am off work next week, nothing booked yet but we hope to find some sunshine from our tent somewhere for a few days…..Archie’s first taste of camping should be interesting!!

I hope those of you in households getting GCSE and A Level results this week have had good news…..and everyone has had a chance to celebrate in some shape or form !!

Take Care


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