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Enjoying the Snow

I hope you have enjoyed the bright, sunny weather this week and are still in one piece if you have been venturing out into the snow. I have seen many interesting pieces of equipment pass our door as the students head to find a hill for sledging. Bin lids / recycling bins / baking trays and even the odd wooden sledge seem to have been put to good use !!! Even as I headed to UHND at 7.20 am yesterday morning groups of students were heading up to catch the first run of the day !!!

I have promised myself a long walk this afternoon …..without Archie as the excitement of the snow does not help his training !!! I hope the snow has brought some pleasure to home schooling …. I’m sure the thought of playing in the snow has helped some get through their morning work .

Staff that had been redeployed to do vaccinations came back to the Physio department this week which has been a huge relief. As we continue to soak up the current pressures the enormity of the task ahead is beginning to dawn on me. Telephone and Video consultations are probably here for a long time ahead. The need for Physiotherapy is going to be greater than ever so fingers crossed the balance between waiting times and providing appropriate treatment can be met !!

The CSP have produced some good information on recovering from covid 19 which you might like to look at for yourself or pass on to someone you know.

I am so pleased to see so many of you on Zoom every week. Keeping ourselves moving is more important than ever as the bad weather encourages to stay inside even more. So if you find yourself doing less activity than usual please do visit the Video page, select a video for yourself and spend some extra time on your mat!!!

Hope you have a good weekend.

Take care and stay safe


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