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D-Roll - The Pleasure of Coming Off it Is worth the Pain of Being on it !!

This is a quote from the advent calendar and a reminder of the equipment we used to add to the sessions at the studio !!

Would you like to be using equipment in our online world?

We have put a survey re-equipment / sessions on the home page of the website and on the members videos page so please complete it so we know your thoughts.

Or click below

Someone suggested I should wear leggings with two different coloured legs ....if anyone sees some do let me know !!

As we move into a new phase of the lockdown the uncertainty of life seems as real as it was at the start. I hope you are continuing to gain the benefits of Pilates, especially in maintaining an upright posture and a relaxed mind. I know teaching Pilates is bringing me enormous pleasure. To see 20 of you on my TV screen doing the windmill more or less in time is a sight for sore eyes !!

I have thoroughly enjoyed a few days off this week despite the weather. For some reason walking the dog in the rain was a real pleasure.

As many of you might have family members who have been Shielding or older

family members who have lost significant strength/balance/ confidence in mobilising since spending so much time at home, I have put a link below to a really good set of exercises developed by the CSP. I hope many of you will be able to share this with family and friends.

Please do find the time to complete our survey, we want you all to gain the most you can from our Online Community. If you want to buy some equipment there are lots of ways I could help with that so keep in touch. As we all get used to this Online world we look forwards to developing our Pilates and moving forwards on our journey together.

Stay Safe, stay Alert


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