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Countdown to Wedding!

A short blog this week as wedding preparations take over in our house.

Thankfully, the announcements on Monday shouldn’t make any difference to Rachel and Jon’s big day on 21.6.21 and neither do they change how we are working at the studio. The beautiful weather has meant we are all happy to have all the windows wide open keeping the air circulation in the room at perfect levels.

People coming to the live classes are gaining lots of support from each other. It’s lovely to hear how people are adapting to our new way of life. I think we are all realizing covid 19 is here for the foreseeable future so working out what works and what doesn’t for each of us is a fascinating journey.

No two weeks seem to be the same as we take on new clients for Pilates and Physiotherapy. I am really enjoying my new timetable. I do miss my colleagues at CDDFT and it's great to catch up via text etc but having the time and space in my mind to focus on Pilates is very enjoyable. I was delighted so many of you managed to book your next block of Live classes after your plan renewed. By next month I’m sure it will be no hassle at all!!

There have been some more alterations to the Live class timetable for next week. Check the Class Times Page. Please feel free to book yourself into the extra sessions on Wednesday 23rd June if your Monday or Tuesday Classes have been canceled.

I hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather and keeping up with Pilates

Take Care


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