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Calling the Pheasant !

Mike is certainly enjoying the new skills he has developed since taking up the role of camera man, editor and media man over the past few weeks. On Tuesday I found him taking it to a whole new level when I discovered he had put the blue tooth speaker in the garden and was playing a you tube recording of a female Pheasant call !!! Within 15 mins the male Pheasant had arrived in our evidence below !! While gardening Mike had been listening to his call all morning, so knew he wasn't far away !!!! I think we need to press on with more videos !!

I have survived my first shift in Orthopaedic A+ E, a steep learning curve for me but I'm pleased to say all the staff were really friendly and supportive as they realised that every physio does not have the same skills as the two physios that work permanently in A+ E. We do all share a willingness to learn and a passion to do our best for our patients, whatever their age and need. The uncertainty of the weeks ahead is looming large over us now but I feel confident as a group of staff we have the skills to carry out what is asked of us and the support networks to help each other through.

I'm pleased to say I can park at work for free now and get a meal from the canteen at no cost either !! I had to use all my self control to avoid going to the canteen for sponge and favourite canteen food !! It is important to be mindful of our eating habits, self discipline is not easy in these unprecedented times, I do keep reminding myself that we will back to Pilates and those mirrors someday!!

I hope you are all keeping well, I hope keeping up the routine of Pilates will help all of us in different ways at this time. I do love to hear from you so please comment on the blog or if you prefer facebook this blog is linked to Pilates by Physiotherapy facebook page. Take care and stay at home !!

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Unknown member
Apr 03, 2020

Hi, hope you're all well and that those of you assisting with the NHS are getting all the equipment and support you need 👏. That cock pheasant is lucky he doesn't come into my garden as rubin, would have him for a snack

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