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Calling Expectant Mums !

During lockdown we ran a zoom only Pilates class for pregnant mums and the feedback was really quite humbling. They enjoyed the safe exercise and relaxation, but we made time to talk and make friends also. It was then amazing to meet up for coffee when regulations relaxed in person in the real world.

For September as covid regulations have changed we are launching a hybrid class on zoom, for those who find this best after work at home plus in the studio in person at the same time. This will be at 5pm on Thursdays. We have run these hybrid classes before and with max 8 numbers in this class personal attention is assured.

So if you know anyone who is pregnant then please do tell them about this class. If they haven't done Pilates before we offer a virtual or in person assessment; so you can attend from anywhere.

We are also organising a post natal class for mums with their babies in the studio and will let everyone know the start date soon. This will be at 1.30 on Thursdays in the studio so please share with anyone you know who has had a baby so we can keep them updated for the start date. They can attend from 10 weeks post baby and an assessment in the studio is offered for those who have not done Pilates before. Individual assessments are available also for any post natal issues such as tummy gap or pelvic floor problems.

I am excited for the start of this new class, meeting new pregnant women and helping them on their Pilates journey. Please do contact with any questions.


Specialist women's health physiotherapist and APPI Ante and Post Natal Pilates

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