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Badger digs for Bees

Two weeks ago we woke up to a big hole(about 20 cm diameter to 30

cm deep) in our lawn. It definitely wasn't there when we went to bed so we can't blame Archie. We were amazed to find that it was half filled with a bees nest, at least 100 bees. We think it must be a Badger at work. The next night he returned to finish the job leaving the nest almost empty. Why that should happen now I have no idea .....what next in Lockdown !!

Thank you to those of you who have completed the survey re equipment etc. We have not had a huge response so if you haven't completed it please do so this week and we will close it on Friday. From the replies we have it looks as if use equipment is a popular idea especially Theraband, Small Balls and Weights. So we will move forward with that this week.

I hope some of you will try my aerobic challenge video I have posted today. Do let me know your thoughts.....I apologise that the sound is not the usual quality so that will improve for next time. (if you want a next time !! all feedback welcome)

We face big changes in the NHS this week as sadly the extra Physios are being withdrawn from A+ E. The good thing is, as the number of Co-vid 19 patients declines many staff are returning to their normal roles in A+E so our input is no longer needed. I will miss the face to face contact with patients as I have really enjoyed the challenge of adapting Physiotherapy to work in our new environment. The support and understanding of all the staff in A+ E and Orthopaedics has been a hugely positive experience at such a difficult time. I think all my colleagues agree that we have been able to meet the challenges Co-Vid 19 presented to us and that our Physiotherapy skills, Experience and Knowledge have enabled us to provide safe and effective care to our patients. I hope Physiotherapy will continue to be included in plans for new ways of working in A+ E in this next phase of the Pandemic.

I am really pleased that we will continue to see patients in Fracture Clinic so face to face contact will not be completely lost. We are receiving more GP referrals for Physiotherapy telephone appointments and hope to have video calls set up very soon !! We are all working hard getting our heads around Virtual Physiotherapy since social distancing makes face to face contact very difficult in a Hospital setting !! Lots of thinking outside the box needs to go on to move forwards at this stage !!

I hope you are all nudging forwards with your lockdown journey. To see the queues outside Fenwicks on the lunchtime news today I think I have quite a long way to go!!!

Keep up your efforts with Pilates, Take Care


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