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Good morning, we made our first Pilates Video at home yesterday, it was great fun and seemed to work well. We had to take apart the bed in Dan's old bedroom and we have stored it behind the wardrobe.....I have never been so thorough in my spring cleaning !! Cleaning behind wardrobes, another first in our new world !

I spoke to a few of you on the telephone yesterday checking you had accessed the videos and the calmness and determination you showed was inspirational to us younger generations . The isolation of living alone is profound, I made my first milk delivery to Margaret (Mike's mum) on Monday and I have to say I had a tear in my eye as I turned and walked away.

I am off to the NHS today, which has mixed blessings, I'm looking forwards to seeing my colleagues and being part of a team that is rising to the challenges brilliantly....our new Whats App group was working at 9.30 pm last night and again this morning at 6.53 am. We closed our outpatient physio doors on Friday and are now seeing very urgent patients with fractures and post - op. Lots of physios have been moved onto the wards, some are working through the patients who have appointments and speaking to them on the telephone which my grade are helping with when not working on the non respiratory side of A+E . We have all moved to 7 day working and planned our shifts until the end of May....we have a Whats App group so can keep in touch at all times.

We have respiratory training this morning which has cast my mind back 28 years to when I first started working with chest patients . I remember Helen and Kathryn the senior physios that guided me through my work on ITU as a basic grade (newly qualified these days). I am lucky to have done 2 respiratory placements of 4 -6 months each at Hope Hospital, Manchester and City Hospital Nottingham. The gut wrenching fear felt as you walked through the doors of ITU feels a long time ago and I'm sure my experience in life will make things much better now...I feel for our young staff and will do my best to support and reassure them. Must stop now as I need to go.

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Thanks to all 3 of you for the videos, what a brilliant idea. I’ve done all three plus Moya’s relaxation class. They are very good and with my eyes closed I could be back in the studio. I’m determined to keep fitness as a priority as much as is possible.

Meanwhile good luck in the hospital we are so full of gratitude to the NHS .

Sheila Friday 8.20 class



Anne, thank you for the video which I have looked at but not used yet, I will tho I promise! Thank you also for the work you are all doing in the NHS. You are all brilliant and so valued. These words aren't really enough I know. Its a difficult time for everyone but am sure we will get though it and hopefully learn lots about the lives we all lead. Take care and safe. Suzanne Mein xx


Well Done Anne(and Mike)!!Im loving the classes.

I hope all goes well in the NHS today ,we are thinking of you all and saying lots of prayers that it doesn’t become as difficult as feared.

Follow the guidelines everyone and keep well.Im just off to do a class......

Thankyou again


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