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Ante Natal and Post Natal

  • Shirley x Thinking of those who are pregnant or have a new baby Giving birth is such a special but challenging time in usual circumstances but giving birth during this coronavirus pandemic will be especially worrying. Midwife appointments will be mostly virtual or by phone rather than face to face. I hope you feel able to ask all the questions you want about your current situation. The royal college of midwives has supported maintaining the ability to have one birth partner in with you who is well with no symptoms of the coronavirus. It is probably a good idea to think of a back up person just in case your first choice is unwell. Visiting on the post natal wards will be restricted and also when you are back home. However I hope despite all these worrying changes you will still be able to find joy in the arrival of your gorgeous little baby. This is a time when technology and the internet is a real positive. I hope you feel well connected with other women who are expecting, your friends and family. If you are feeling alone let us know and we will do our best to connect you to others. You are such wonderful groups the ante and post natal exercise groups and we want to assist you if we can. I have enjoyed our chats, hearing how your pregnancy is progressing and watching your little ones grow, get head control, roll over and smile. I hope you find the videos I have made from home helpful. Online at there are are few useful booklets, fit for pregnancy has advice and fit for the future has early advice for when you have just had a baby including advice if you have had a caesarean birth. I know you will be taking lots of photos to share and doing FaceTime or such like to keep all those connections going and to share the joy of your newborn and to show how they are growing.I am looking forward to the great hugs, parties and gatherings when this is over and we can come out of hibernation and you can share the joy of your newborn face to face. Please do make contact if we can help until then we are thinking of you all.

  • Shirley x

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