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90th Session Delivered !

As we publish our 90th Video this weekend I will take the opportunity to reflect on our journey so far and celebrate the effort and commitment of our Staff and Clients. Without both Pilates By Physiotherapy would not exist today. For me, Pilates is a great form of exercise for both the Mind and Body. It is valuable and accessible to a huge range of people. The variety of age / fitness level and lifestyles of our clients makes our teaching challenging, interesting and satisfying as we see each and every one of you make progress in your own, unique way.

Over the past 18 months we have learned so much. Adapting our skills to teach Live on Zoom, record the On Demand Sessions, teach Live in the studio from the Mat, then to start moving around the room to now starting to put our hands back onto clients to guide them in their practice. It has been a fascinating journey which none of us could ever have imagined. Being able to deliver our Pilates on line kept the business alive. I send an enormous thank you to those of you who came with us into the world of On line exercise….it has been a life changing adventure that none of us expected and a real pleasure to share with so many of you. Sharing our experiences over the past 18 months has been a shining light in my life. The benefits of Pilates have been clear to see and your feedback has kept us motivated. Even sound failure on Zoom this week brought a smile to many faces as participants could hear each other but not me !! This is maybe a solution for holiday cover !!

Above The first Video we made March 2020 770 views making up total viewing 197.7 hours. We have come along way. Have you viewed it?

As we move forwards I see the business delivering a blend of Live and On Line options. I hope this will meet the needs and desires of as many of you as possible. The balance between the Live and Online services is challenging but both need each other to survive in these very changing times. I see great advantages to doing Pilates Live and On line and am delighted that so many of you are using both methods to continue your Pilates Practice when life becomes complicated and unpredictable (which is often for so many of us at the moment). Moving between both methods comes very naturally to some people but less so to others. I encourage everyone to use the On Demand sessions regularly. Fitting an extra session into your week has real benefits on your flexibility and balance. The range of time lengths means your On Demand session can be a short 20 mins or a full hour depending on what else is happening in your day. I know many of you are doing more than one session per week both on Zoom and Live so it would be great to hear from you how you use the On Demand sessions and why they work for you. As our Personal and Professional lives are getting busier it is getting more difficult to fit in recording a session each week so I have put on some recorded Zoom sessions. Feedback on these has been positive and any further comments are very welcome. We are all happy to do specific On Demand sessions so if anyone has a specific topic they would like to see please get in touch.

I hope you are all moving forwards at a pace that suits you and that Pilates By Physiotherapy continues to bring pleasure and fitness into your life. Do keep in touch

Now go and select a video from the 90....


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Unknown member
Oct 10, 2021

Hello Anne. What you have achieved since March 2020 has been nothing short of miraculous. One of the challenges I knew I would face when lockdown started was a lack of attending Pilates and the subsequent negative impact that would have. How you managed to set up your videos and the app so quickly was mind blowing. I have not looked back since! The opportunity of undertaking the videos at home was seized and I started doing pilates most days. When the zoom classes started, I jumped at the chance of attending but continued with the videos on at least four other days a week. Since we've been able to attend live classes I have loved being able to engage…

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