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Warm Welcome !

I am delighted to let you know that Karen, a very experienced Physiotherapist with full APPI Pilates training will be taking over the Wednesday night sessions from next week. It is a great to have a new member in our team. I’m sure Karen will enjoy teaching at the studio and you will enjoy her sessions.

We have had a hectic start to the New Year with several new clients signing up to Live classes and some familiar faces returning to the studio. It’s great to see clients in the flesh again and I hope you enjoy your return to the studio.

We continue to take extra precautions for the live classes as covid numbers remain high. We are taking client’s temperature on arrival, the Physios are staying on their mats avoiding hands on work with individuals and the ventilation / temperature in the room remain good. Everyone is being very understanding staying away from the studio if they are at all unwell or have someone at home who has tested positive recently and using Zoom when needed. Thank you all for your ongoing understanding.

We are really looking forwards to getting off our mats when we are all feeling it is safe to do so.

As always during the pandemic I’m sure everyone will move through this phase at their own pace. I hope Pilates will remain important in all your lives and that your enjoyment of the sessions will get you through these winter months!

Do make full use of the On Demand sessions to get you in good shape for the spring

Keep up the Good Work

Take Care


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