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Time for Change !

Shirley and I are excited to let you know that we will be hosting a special evening event to share with you current recommendations and latest research about the Menopause.

As we all emerge from Lockdown it is essential that we address any current health issues. I'm sure we can all think of niggles and stresses that we have put up with over the past couple of years. Now is the ideal time to review our health and build new routines to keep us in good shape.

Shirley has a wealth of experience working in Women's Health . Helping Women to understand and manage the changes and symptoms that occur during the Menopause is a big part of her work. Many of you gained great benefit from her Pelvic Floor presentation so I'm sure this latest evening will be equally informative and enjoyable!

Shirley will briefly talk about the huge range of symptoms that can occur and some the reasons for those changes . The focus of the evening will be on what changes we can make in our daily lives to feel better. Evidence is teaching us that even small changes make a difference over time and its never too early or too late to start !!

Everyone is welcome so if you would like to invite a friend it would be great to see both new and familiar faces at the studio.

Do get in touch if you would like to Book a Place


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