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Thankyou !

Thank you all for the Best Wishes, Cards and Gifts that you have sent following my trip in an ambulance and removal of my 'exploded' appendix.

It has been quite an experience and I'm pleased to say since my return home over a week ago I am now recovering well. Receiving all your messages was very comforting. It was lovely to have something to make me smile during some pretty grim moments.

Karen and Rachel have done a fantastic job keeping you active on your mat.

Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding as some changes had to be made to the class timetable. Last week not only were Rachel and I out of action, then Joanne fell ill and Karen kept going with a very painful shoulder nearly had Mike stepping up for action !!!

Hopefully we are all on the mend now so normal classes are resumed with Karen continuing to cover my sessions this week.. Please book your sessions early to help us manage the waiting lists as people try to catch up from missing their session last week (extra bank holiday and sickness)

Thanks again for all your Best Wishes, Rachel and I are both looking forwards to getting back ASAP !!


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