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Thank you!

Many thanks to everyone who donated to our Feeding Families Collection this year. We were very pleased to donate over two big collection boxes to this great cause. Please visit their website if you would like to help packing the boxes ready for delivery.

The Christmas Timetable is on the Home page of the website. We are open Thursday 28th December and Saturday 30 th December so please book yourself directly into the class you would like to attend, first come first served for these two days ONLY .

If your plan does not allow you to book at the moment please get in touch and we will book the session for you.

Thankyou also to all those who came to our evening celebration at Antico. It was a great success, everyone enjoyed themselves and had a good time meeting old friends and meeting new people. Payment at the end worked well as I went home with a complementary bottle of Prosecco so thank you !

The Christmas menu at Cafe 22 is now available at the studio for those of you who would like to enjoy a festive treat after your morning class. We hope to join you when we can

Take Care and enjoy the Christmas preparations


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