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Still Time to Book !

I hope you have all been enjoying the mild autumn weather. With the clocks changing it certainly feels like winter is approaching. With less daylight hours around I hope you will find time to get your mat out and invigorate your mind and body with Pilates.

It looks like we are going to have a great turn out for our 10 year celebration meal. It’s not too late to sign up so please bring your deposit to class this week or get in touch if you would like to come. It will be great to see so many of you outside your class and share ‘some not on the mat time’.

Unfortunately we had to alter the timetable last Friday as I had no voice. Thank you very much to all those of you affected for your understanding and flexibility. I know quite a few of you having been suffering colds / flu / covid recently. Do make sure you book your missed sessions so that there are no sessions left on your account on your renewal date. Remember you can book beyond your renewal date so slipping in an extra session when you are well is a really good way of building your strength and fitness back up after illness. Booking an extra zoom class or doing a Video is a great way to make up for missing a session if you can’t find the time to make it to the studio. Getting out your mat in the comfort of your own home means you feel the benefits of Pilates in the most time efficient way.

Pilatesbyphysiotherapy offers so much more than it used to now that we teach classes Live at the studio, On Zoom and On demand. Whichever approach you prefer do consider an alternative when life doesn't go to plan. I get great satisfaction from seeing clients getting the most from their subscription by moving between Live / Zoom / On demand when needed. Remember some of the videos are 30 and 45 minutes long so if life is feeling busy just 30 mins on your mat can restore some balance and clam.

I am pleased to say that you can now change your card details on the website if you realise in advance that your card has expired. If you visit the My Subscription page of your account, then select the relevant subscription to expand it and alter it as necessary. If your payment fails you still need to get in touch for me to delete you at this end. if you need further help please do get in touch.

I am looking forwards to seeing many of you next week, take care and enjoy your Pilates


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1 Comment

Unknown member
Nov 01, 2022

Sorry I can't make it, I hope you have a lovely evening xx

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