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Special Offer for August !

August is usually a quiet time at the studio. We are going to make the most of it this year and invite all Gold and Platinum members (those doing Videos and Zoom) to come to the studio for a live class at no extra charge. We would love to see you at the studio to check out your Pilates technique, give you a chance to experience live Pilates again and catch up after not seeing each other in the flesh for so long !!

Feedback from clients coming to the live classes is very positive. They are enjoying being together to exercise and value the feedback we give them individually to get the most from their Pilates exercises. From mid August the Physios hope to get off their mats and walk around the room giving us an even better view of people’s technique.

It was great to have Rachel Smith back teaching live at the studio last week covering some of my sessions. She hopes to take over my Tuesday morning sessions from mid September and if there is demand will start Thursday evening classes too.

I hope you are enjoying watching the Olympics. It reminds me of London 2012 just after which I started teaching Pilates and my opening logo was

Be Inspired By the Olympics and Get into Shape

How different life is at the moment. The lack of crowds at the venues must make it feel quite different for the athletes but they all seem as excited and committed as ever. I love watching the Gymnasts, their strength and movement control is phenomenal. I hope we all feel inspired to get up and move more when we hear about the athlete’s journeys through lockdown. Now is a great time to increase your level of exercise no matter where you are starting from. Little and often with gradual progression is the key to success. I know several of you were delighted to get back to the Park Run last Saturday I hope you are ready for action again this weekend.

Please do get in touch if you would like to try out a live class. It’s a great opportunity to test the water at no extra cost !!

Take Care


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