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Reopening for Face to Face Women's Health Physiotherapy

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

I can't quite believe we have now reached this landmark but with our professional body recommendations, I am delighted to say we have. Face to face women's health individual  appointments will be available from Thursday 30th July with extra screening

and precautions of course. The last 100 days or so have been quite a journey for us all. I recently wrote a personal reflection on them about all the ups and downs, just for myself. One of my positives has been working closely in ' my bubble team' in the NHS which has included Anne. There has been such a feeling of support, can do attitude and kindness that I shall miss it when we move to our usual teams. Plus exercise has been a real de-stress tool; starting running and continuing with Pilates has been a real positive focus. I hope it has been for you too. A down side was the genuine fear of it all, the unknown condition and what our role might be. I found writing it all down helpful, although quite unbelievable reading it back. I really do hope that those of you reading this blog are feeling 'ok' and finding a way of living in this new normal that works.  Like many, I have learnt lots about working online and have re-opened for online women's health appointments. However I am delighted to announce that alongside Anne reopening for physiotherapy,  Women's Health individual appointments will re-open as of Thursday 30th July.  Safety is number one and all our CSP professional recommendations will be followed. Online will still be available as well as face to face.  Lockdown has been such a tough but necessary time for us all. As a woman's health physiotherapist I have particularly felt for those who have been pregnant and who have just had a baby during this time. If you know of anyone who has had a baby who would benefit from a post natal check do please let them know of my services. Women's health physiotherapists are expert in assessing the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles which work so hard during pregnancy and childbirth. Also covid and coughing has increased pelvic floor problems which again women's health physiotherapy can treat. Although we can't start face to face Pilates groups yet, I can offer an individual session to design your programme or review your progress taking in how your post natal tummy is doing. Please read the website for more information. I really am looking forward to seeing clients face to face but am very keen to ensure we follow our guidelines from our professional body. This virus is still with us and our journey with it is not over. I'm sure there are more twists, ups and downs to come.

Keep safe and well Shirley

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