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Relieving Boredom

> There is an ancient saying, you'll remember if you try. > You never miss the water until the well runs dry. > I’ve been so very busy while in self isolation > With jobs out in the garden and daily ambulation, > But now I’m getting aches and pains > Returning from the past > I must do some Pilates, don’t want these pains to last. > I’ll forget about the housework the dust will always keep. > It multiplies in minutes whilst I am fast asleep. > But do you get the picture? I’m on the bedroom floor > With only scanty underwear I shut the bedroom door !! > There’s no one here to see me but still it seems not right' > And Moya is on the video,all healthy,toned and bright.  > So I’ve just done the workout,I’m hoping in the end, for a figure just like Moya,with a healthy Beckham Bend . B x

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