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Pilates strengthens my body and delights my mind

As I drove into UHND for my shift on Sunday I realised how lucky I have been not to have worked a weekend since 1992 !! At that time I was a Basic Grade Physiotherapist at City Hospital, Nottingham working one weekend each month. My work on those weekends included treating Respiratory patients on ITU, HDU, and the wards. I distinctly remember treating teenagers / young adults with Cystic Fibrosis. They were often in hospital so often that I got to know them well even when I was just doing weekends on the wards.

My only other visit to A+E on a Sunday was with Sam when he got stood on playing rugby. One visit in 13 years of playing rugby for Durham City isn't bad going. I realised on that visit how important our skull is !! A big gash on each eyebrow (each requiring stitches) left him with a very bruised forehead but miraculously his eyes escaped injury.

There were no Sports Injuries in A+E this Sunday, although patient numbers are varying day today. I was pleased to see a few people who had aggravated old injuries so it was nice to get my teeth into more detailed Physiotherapy treatment!! We are busy trying to set up telephone, video appointments for our GP referrals. Hopefully, this will happen soon as I'm sure lots of people are going to need help getting going after our prolonged confinement to home.

Thank you to everyone who has signed up for the Paid Plans. We have almost reached our target so I hope you are feeling the benefit of continuing Pilates. Once the enormous effort of getting everyone initially signed up is completed I will put a questionnaire on the website asking for your thoughts about the videos, length/content/use of equipment, etc. I'm sure there are lots we can develop in the near future !!

Having been so busy since early May I forgot to mention that Archie has had his first Birthday !! He has been a great companion since the start of Lockdown. Now that he will retrieve a ball and drop it at my feet I gain great Therapeutic value from his company !! So much so we snapped the end off his thrower at the weekend so a trip to Tesco to replace it has been essential. We have been able to take away the stair gate and he sits in the hall, although he did steal my Tuna salad off the work surface last week when I turned my back for one minute!

I hope you are all well, working out the meaning of stay alert!


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19 may 2020

Beautiful Archie xx

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