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Opening up for Face to Face Physiotherapy at the Studio

This has been such a busy week I hardly know where to start !!

The week started well on Monday when I did several Physiotherapy appointments on Zoom and signed up a new client to Pilates. I think lots of people are beginning to get their heads around our new socially distanced / on line world. I felt that most of the on line Physio clients had their needs met. I know face to face / hands on is needed for many but I do believe video consultation is an excellent compromise in certain situations.

I have worked my way through PHE, UK Government and Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) guidelines on providing face to face Physiotherapy and am pleased to let you know that I will be offering Face to face Physiotherapy Treatment at the studio from Monday 27th July 2020. My experience over the past four months means I feel confident to provide safe and effective treatment. Full risk assessments have been completed to make sure the clinic is as safe as possible for myself and my patients. Further information on procedures that will have to be followed to ensure all our safety will be available on the website in the next 10 days.

The work that has gone in to get treatments up and running is also a step in the right direction to opening up for classes. As Physiotherapists we will wait to see if the CSP updates their guidelines to include delivery of classes. As no doubt you have worked out we will not be returning to the class sizes we had before so the balance between my health care professional head, small Business owner and meeting the needs of clients is going to be challenging!! It certainly demands a lot of energy but I hope, in time, our journey together to living with the next stage of covid 19 will move forwards in a safe and satisfactory way for everyone.

So as I feel I am getting my head around video / telephone consultations I arrived at UHND on Wednesday to learn that plans are going ahead for us to spend part of our working week working from home. The fact that planning is happening with confidence was almost as shocking as imagining myself sitting at home with a lap top talking to patients !! It is good to feel that we are making positive plans for the delivery of Physiotherapy. Having us working from home frees up the departments to provide safe, socially distanced hands on care. I will miss my sessions in fracture clinic as the staff there have been great to work with. One of the positive aspects of Covid 19 has been seeing so many of my colleagues every day I'm at work so it will be a shame to lose that as I don't think there will be many of us in the department at any one time .

As I headed out on Thursday evening for my walk with Archie, mulling over all I had absorbed in the previous two days Archie quickly brought me into the moment as he disturbed a wasps nest in the woods. He got stung on his head and I had to lift about 7 wasps off his body. He was very subdued for the rest of the walk although I was pleased he still enjoyed chasing his ball !!

I have enjoyed seeing some of you this week at various Ball delivery points. It's great to hear how the Gold members are enjoying the videos and I'm really impressed that so many of you are keeping Pilates in your lives.

Below is a link from the NHS about exercise, I haven't read it all but I think it has some interesting tips in it to keep us all active. ( click on the picture below)

Stay Alert, Take Care


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Unknown member
Jul 14, 2020

Thank you for the update Anne. It is always a pleasure to read your blog. I am in awe of all you do and have done for us, your Pilates team, and those needing your physio expertise! Looking forward to our zoom class on Friday! Xx


Hi Ann,Well done on everything you are doing.Great to keep up with your news.I do your classes now and again ,but have problems sometimes on linking up.Miss them in the studio and hope we can start again sometime soon.Keep well and keep up the good work.Pleased Archie is okay after his unfortunate encounter with the wasps.Take carexxxx

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