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On the Move

We are all really looking forwards to getting back to Pilates at its best next week with us moving around the studio working with each of you individually to help you get the Best from your Pilates workout.

It has been a long and hard start to the year. Hopefully now with the days getting longer we can all enjoy a less stressful, more predictable time in our lives. I have a strong sense of the chaos so many of you have had in your lives this year with such high numbers of covid in our community. Thankfully the majority of people getting covid in the past few months have not been so unwell. However the the uncertainty and isolation it has brought to many people’s lives is hugely challenging. I know for many of you Pilates brings some continuity and routine to your life.

I really value being part of your lives. Sharing the ups and downs of daily life wondering will you get on holiday / have that birthday party/ will the work man arrive are things we would not have given a second thought to in the past but as we all try to move forwards with our lives they have become topics of conversation in most classes!

I used my NHS Covid Pass for the first time last weekend. I asked myself what have I been doing for the past ten months? The safety measures we have in place at the studio have been tested and have shown to work well. We will continue to work hard to maintain good ventilation / space / cleaning routines which are now second nature to us all. With lots of feedback from yourselves we have mastered maintaining the temperature in the room something I was not sure we would achieve last autumn.

With the changes to the rules on isolation and the reduction in covid numbers I hope our live classes will continue to grow. If anyone doing the online sessions would like to join a one off session at the studio so we can check technique there will be no extra charge. I feel the fundamental principles of control and isolation of movement in Pilates are essential to get the most out of being on your mat . We all benefit from some ‘hands on’ reminding now and again of how to achieve this so please do get in touch.

Hope to see you soon


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