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New Date to Celebrate 10 years !

I am pleased to say I am feeling a lot better and I would like to thank everyone again for their kind words, thoughts and gifts over the past six weeks. Your best wishes on my return have greatly helped to restore my energy. I feel very lucky to work with such a great group of colleagues and clients. Catching up on all that has been going on has been amazing. As I have rested and recovered your busy lives have continued with running events, operations, the new school year, children leaving home, getting married and babies being born to name only some of what I missed !! I am pleased that Pilates has continued to be part of your schedule and that you have found benefit in the variety a change of Instructor brings !!

I am delighted to feel well enough to invite you again to our 10 year Celebration Meal at Jays Indian Restaurant on Thursday 10th November at 7.00 pm. Hopefully this time all will go to plan !!

Details on how to book your place and order your meal are available on the 10 Year Celebration page of the website. Please click the link below Menu.

Please chose either Deal 1 or Deal 2 and pay £10 deposit with your meal choice. On line clients please email or text me your menu choice.

Rachel returns to teaching at the studio tonight . We are all relieved to be back to full strength.

Andrew completed the Great North Run and would like to thank those of you who generously donated to his Just Giving Page.

We hope to see as many of you as possible at the Celebration meal . I hope you would enjoy sharing some 'off the mat time' with your Pilates class mates ! Any queries please do get in touch


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