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Live Classes at the Studio - Book Now !

The challenge of teaching Live and Zoom classes at the same time has kept me on my toes this week. Like everyone, I have had to dig deep to find ways to make life work facing the new guidelines and restrictions introduced this week.

Time will tell if Exercise Classes will remain open as we face the prospect of Covid 19 coming over the hill towards us over the next few weeks ! I feel we are doing things very differently at the studio. Everyone keeps 2 metres apart, enters and leaves on their own, windows open creating a definite breeze and still everyone enjoys the session, works hard and has time for a chat ! I am confident that we are following all the rules re covid risk assessment and am pleased so many of you are feeling the benefit of Pilates in such different surroundings.

Archie had a few extra challenges on his walk tonight as South Road has a one way system to help with movement and even though we met nobody we felt obliged to follow the signs! Walking on the other side of the road to usual is enough to get him excited ! Lots of the signs below have appeared so I hope they are read and adhered to.

Sadly, due to family health problems, Moya has decided not to continue teaching live classes at the moment. Fortunately Joanne, a longstanding friend and colleague, has agreed to step in and teach the Wednesday night classes. Joanne and I did our Pilates matwork courses together so I'm sure you will see some similarities and differences in our teaching.

Those of you wanting to book live classes please do so ASAP. We have had some teething problems with the website yesterday and this morning but they seem to be sorted.....our experience from signing everyone up to online classes in May has helped enormously so do get in touch if you are having problems. I have learnt that speaking on the telephone is usually the easiest way of getting things sorted.....very old fashioned I suppose but it does seem to work !! If you have not been in touch at all about booking live classes do get in touch with me before you book. Some classes are over subscribed so clients will need to come fortnightly.

I thank you ALL for your ongoing support. The positivity of the Zoom and Live Classes is amazing. We will continue to do our best for all our clients. The benefits of Pilates will certainly help us all through the next stage of the pandemic, maintaining our balance, strength and flexibility throughout this time will be of enormous benefit to out Physical and Mental wellbeing.

Keep up the Good Work !


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1 Comment

Victoria Redway
Victoria Redway
Oct 09, 2020

We really enjoyed your knee joint video and would very much like one on the lower back in the future. Thank you!

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