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Great Classes!

I really enjoyed covering the Pregnancy Pilates and Post natal classes for Shirley this week.

Both classes provide a relaxed, safe and supportive environment for expectant and new mums. Hearing first hand their stories of being pregnant / having babies during covid was enlightening. We have all travelled a very personal journey through the pandemic and I feel very fortunate to have shared so much with so many of you.

There are huge benefits to exercise for these groups of women. Pilates helps improve muscle strength, helps clients become more aware of their posture and provides a great opportunity to learn some relaxation techniques. Sharing their experiences of Pregnancy and new motherhood brings huge value to these classes. Even arriving with your leggings on inside out brings joy to the room!!

The difference between these classes and all the other Pilates classes is that clients move on ….babies arrive and then they learn to crawl so mums move on . Many move into our regular classes but the turn over means we are constantly looking for new clients so please do spread the word to family / friends and colleagues of the wonderful opportunity the Pregnancy and Post natal classes provide. Both classes are on Zoom so people can join from all over the country and Shirley’s relaxed approach means the Zoom clients get the chance to join in the chat.

More Information about the classes is available on Our website

Recent Client feedback makes our work all the more worthwhile ‘ You have made such a difference. We will miss your wonderful voice, good humour and smile very much’

Remember you are never too young or too old to start Pilates!


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