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Following the Donations

On Friday a Pilates client mentioned that she was going to help pack the food boxes at Feeding Families with her children next Sunday. On further investigation I realised they are in need of more volunteers to pack the food boxes so today Mike and I headed to Blaydon to see what has happened to your donations. The process of signing up to volunteer is very straightforward and all done on line. You can sign up to do a one off session in a time slot that suits you.

Click the button below to link to Volunteer application page.

Visiting the Packing Centre has been a great experience. A group of 6 of us arrived at 9.45 am this morning to a very warm welcome and a short video explaining the packing process, some health and safety information and some details of the work Feeding Families does. Mike and I were given the job of building the boxes from flat pack to box....I built 98 in one and a half hours and was then moved on to sorting the donated non food items ready for the food line. The efficiency of the work was impressive, the scale of the distribution humbling. They distributed 7,000 boxes last christmas and are aiming for a significantly higher number this year.

If you have a spare few hours over the next week and a half please do consider volunteering. They need our help.

Looking forwards to getting back on my mat in the morning


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