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Final Call

If you have a saying for the advent calendar please send it to me ASAP. It doesn’t need to be poetic. I get great inspiration from your feedback. As we stand at the moment a sayings calendar will not be happening so please do send me a note describing what Pilates means to you at the moment or a picture of what you have been up to in lockdown. Christmas will be different this year and it’s nice to hold onto the small things that make it special and make everyone smile along the way.

As my business head grumbles at the decision to open Gyms but not allow exercise classes my heart and my NHS head are pleased.With continued tough restrictions I hope the NHS in Durham will hopefully continue to treat everyone who needs its help . Each week when I go into UHND I see physios being slowly redeployed to the wards on a part time / temporary basis as we strive to follow CSP guidelines and management strategies that lessons must be learned from the first wave of covid-19 and routine care should continue during this second wave. Having believed that my hands were the key to treating patients in Physiotherapy I’m now working on the premise that my voice and eye contact (real and virtual) can do a lot to help many patients. Live face to face contact does make all the difference with certain people but I do believe telephone and Video appointments are effective with a good number of patients too. The skill of working out who would benefit most from our limited number of face to face appointments is something we are all supporting eachother in learning. The steep learning curve of the pandemic certainly continues to challenge us all.

Seeing the pleasure many of you got from doing two sessions per week on Zoom over the past month we have created a new plan PLATINUM PLUS which gives you 8 sessions per calender month. Mike has put a video on the homepage explaining how to check your renewal date so that you can change plan appropriately. If you would like to do an extra session before your Platinum plan renews please get in touch !!

This pair caught my attention when I was out on my run this morning , making the most of what we can !

I hope you are all ok and coping with the challenges Covid -19 continues to bring to all our lives


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