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Feeling humbled Shirley

I thought I'd just share a little about how my week has been and how I'm feeling. I've been off work with what could or might not have been the virus, however I'm feeling much improved and back to work on Monday. Like all my colleagues who work in healthcare it is lovely to get a thank you but it is never expected or sought out. We are in an amazingly privileged position to work with people when they have a healthcare need which may well make them vunerable frightened or scared. As part of their treatment people tell us about themselves, their fears worries and hopes. Helping people to get better, helping them often to help themselves is the reward in itself.

I can still remember my first patient, a stroke patient, who had done amazingly well and was going home, he cried and hugged me and my tutor said I'd changed his life and told me how powerful physiotherapy was, I was not expecting that, I had done my job and he had worked hard plus we'd had some fun. I felt he'd done it all. It's lovely to get a thank you but this is a job I love. I love Pilates and women's health and seeing women improve their lives. We just help everyone on their journey to improve themselves.

So again I was not ready for how I felt on my doorstep with neighbours clapping and saying well done to me, it's not about me it's about all of us. It is however very humbling. And this morning on my doorstep was a painting by one of my young neighbours to say thank you. I love this outpouring of thanks for the NHS but it's for all of us. We are all doing our bit staying indoors, caring for our children and babies, making them feel safe. We are all doing our bit caring for our neighbours and keeping an eye for the vunerable and saying those kind words. We are all doing our bit following the rules on social distancing and washing our hands.

So thank you to all of you, the wonderful Pilates community for your support to us teachers and to Anne, she has worked so hard with her studio. I hope you are enjoying the videos and keeping some Pilates going at home. Do ask if you need any support or want to share anything through the comments, it really does mean so much to us. We love hearing from you.

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I don’t know what I’d do without the videos - they really are keeping me sane and helping relieve my neck pain. I’m working at home - my organisation works with businesses and we are trying to make sure that they get the help they need at present. We have also been drawn into some more unusual things like sourcing and distributing hand sanitizer to our partners who are working in key worker roles to help the vulnerable and those that are self isolating. It’s a strange time working at home and challenging when your partner is as well and two teenagers who have grand plans to do lots to help but after a couple of weeks get bored w…

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