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"Don't Hide your head in the Sand "

I hope you have all enjoyed the long bank holiday and your own Jubilee celebrations.

Thanks to everyone who rescheduled their sessions to fit in with my holidays and the long bank holiday. We had a great holiday completing the North Coast 500 in Scotland in Rachel’s van. Archie loved Van life nearly as much as me !

Please do make sure your plan is empty before your renewal date so that you don’t lose any sessions. Remember you can book beyond your renewal date up to 28 days ahead. I know many of you make the most of your plans by booking alternative live and zoom sessions or doing a video if you miss a session. We continue to add 2 recorded zoom sessions to the Video library each month so I’m sure you would feel the difference if you could fit in a second session of Pilates at home each week.

Shirley and I really enjoyed the evening session on the Menopause that we did in early May. Feedback has been really positive so if were unable to attend and would like to come to a similar session in the future please do drop us a message to let us know and we would happily organise another session.

Below is some of the feedback we received

I enjoyed the presentation and found it very useful.

I walk most days which I thought was fine however I don’t walk brisk enough to increase my heart rate.

I do Pilates, again not regularly enough to strengthen muscles. I did a session yesterday video 15, my balance is shocking. I’m not as strong as I was pre-Covid.

My pelvic floor needs some attention, if I sneeze, cough or laugh I leak. I also suffer from dryness and atrophy. I tried one of the samples from the goody bag, used it once with an amazing result.

At present my back is fine, I admit I’ve gotten out of the habit of doing exercises/stretches daily.

The presentation made me look at myself and how I can get back on track, do something about my pelvic floor and anxiety levels instead of accepting how things are.

If I begin with a one to one session with you, then one with Shirley.

I recommend all ladies should attend the presentation and be proactive about the menopause, it certainly helps to talk.

I’ve been post- menopausal for many years and I got so much out of the session.

I can’t thank you and Shirley enough

I’d certainly recommend this session to any female who doesn’t want to hide her head in the sand - it could even save her suffering in silence.

I thought that the session was excellent - really informative - I just wish I’d been 4/5 years ago

We hope to continue to grow our live classes and Physiotherapy Treatment sessions so please do get in touch if you would like to return to the studio or see us for more personal one to one session.

I hope you are all enjoying your time on your mat


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