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Be Proactive! The Menopause

Shirley and I really enjoyed our first presentation evening on the Menopause and felt it was a really valuable session for ourselves and everyone who attended. Feedback from those who attended was very positive. Attendees ranged in age from just beginning to think about the Menopause to having experienced the menopause ten years ago. Perimenopause can certainly be a long and uncertain time for many women. I would encourage anyone who feels uncertain about changes they are experiencing in their bodies to come along and listen to Shirley's invaluable knowledge, experience and advice on the topic.

You don't need to attend Pilates to come along, bring a friend and enjoy a drink and a chat too.

Please get in touch via the Contact Us button on the homepage of the website.

Hope to see you on the 14 th July

Anne and Shirley

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