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1st Anniversary Shirley !

This month I've just realised I've been working at Pilates by physiotherapy for one year, and what an unexpected year it's been. I was delighted to be leading ante and post natal Pilates classes in the studio and to have an increasing number of women seeking treatment for pelvic floor issues and post birth problems. Then March arrived and it became obvious that Covid-19 was going to be an ongoing worldwide virus with drastic consequences. What it meant for physiotherapy and how services could be accessed was a new and changing journey. In the early days of lock down I produced some videos from my living room using my phone for my pregnant clients and those who'd just had their babies. I have had good success using What's App video assessment and telephone support. There have just been so many new skills to learn with technology. Thanks to Anne and Mike for their great support in this. Currently I am very pleased to have returned to face to face assessments at the studio but have kept What's App video consultations going also.

Last week I ran a zoom event entitled ' What every woman should know about the pelvic floor' in which I busted myths and gave evidence based advice. The group of women attending were just fantastic and I can't thank them enough for their support of the event. Looking at them all on the screen it felt like we were back together in the studio; technology I think really can bring us closer. If you want any information about the pelvic floor muscles please visit There is a section with booklets of pelvic floor exercises for men and women. These muscles have important functions and learning about them can assist engaging them during Pilates classes. I plan to review what other services I can offer that are sustainable. Given the possible higher risk of Covid-19 to pregnant women I am not planning face to face Pilates classes for this group but would be interested to know if attending zoom classes would suit and what time of day might be best. Likewise if any new mums would like zoom classes. I will keep you updated of any new services. I have continued to work in the NHS like Anne all the way through the pandemic, so it's been a real mix of emotions. But tonight I am going to raise myself a glass of bubbly and be glad to have made it to my 1st anniversary at the studio. And I raise my glass to all those clients who have supported me and given me such positive feedback. I am as enthusiastic about the power of physiotherapy as ever. Here's to the future, a Covid free one. I Hope you and your families keep safe and well.

Below are some of the feedback Shirley had from the talk....

Really Enjoyed the Session

Thank you for a very informative session about the pelvic floor - something which I agree that women are not told enough about. So much good information delivered in a relaxed manner.

I enjoyed the Pelvic Floor session tonight and found it Very Helpful Thank you

Excellent Session Thank you Shirley Specialist Women's Health Physiotherapist

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