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Structure classes in studio suspended 

All Pilates courses will run on a pre paid basis in a block of approximately 6 sessions. This ensures continuity of progress from week to week and enables Anne to provide very tailored sessions maximising the benefits for participants.


As a Physiotherapist Anne will provide thorough feedback to all members of the group to ensure that they are practicing the Pilates exercises correctly. To enable her to tailor the exercises to each individuals needs an Introductory Assessment is essential.

 Our Pilates classes will have a maximum of 12 participants. Individual Classes are also available.

Introductory Assessment

To get the most from your Pilates exercise class it is important to understand the Pilates Principles and perform the exercises correctly. 

If you have recurrent injuries / Back or Neck pain then an individual initial assessment is essential. In this Anne will identify your abnormal movement patterns and muscle imbalance and select the most beneficial Pilates exercises for you .

Anne will introduce you to the Pilates Principles and teach you the correct method to activate your core muscles so that you can safely progress onto the Introductory course.


6 Week Introductory Course

If you are new to Pilates you will need to pay careful attention to your body, building on small basic movements and progressing to the next stage once a level of competency has been reached.

This course will introduce you to a selection of exercises following the Pilates Principles and with practice you will develop these movements enabling you to perform more demanding  exercises.

With Anne's wealth of Physiotherapy experience she is able to carefully guide you to maximise the benefits of each Pilates exercise.

Each session will also  include stretching exercises and Posture correction enabling you to  incorporate Pilates into your daily life.      


Intermediate  Course

This course will build on the basic movements learned on the Introductory course to progress to more complex, demanding exercises. If you have previous experience in Pilates please phone me to discuss if this class is appropriate for you.  


Individual Introductory Assessment                      £40  


Introductory Course

​Prepaid 6 week  Course 6 sessions                       £51

(over 60s  )                                                                 £48


Intermediate Course

Prepaid 6 week Course 6 sessions                        £51

(over 60s  )                                                                 £48


Individual Pilates session​  ( at your home)          £50


Individual Pilates session ( at practice )                £40   


Post Natal Class   4 sessions                                  £34     


Ante Natal class 4 sessions                                    £34             

Beginners Courses start 


Monday          10.40am  -  11.40 am  (with Anne) 

Monday          5.10  pm  -  6.10   pm  (with Anne)

Monday          6.20  pm  -  7.20   pm   (with Anne)


Tuesday          8.20 am - 9.20 am       (with Moya)

Tuesday           9.30am - 10.30am      (with Moya)

Tuesday           10.45am - 11.45am    (with Moya) 

Tuesday           6.20pm – 7.20pm        (with Rachael)


Wednesday    9.30 am - 10.45 am     (Yoga with Jo)

Wednesday    5.10 pm - 6.10 pm        (with Moya) 

Wednesday    6.15 pm - 7.15 pm        (with Moya)

 New Post natal Classes Mums and babies

Thursday       1.00pm   - 1.45pm        (with Shirley)

New Ante Natal Pilates and Relaxation Class       Thursday       5.00pm  -  5.45pm       (with Shirley)

Thursday       6.15 pm  -  7.15 pm      (with Rachel)


Friday             8.20 am  - 9.20 am        (with Anne)

Friday            10.40am   - 11.40 am     (with Anne)


Saturday        8.40am  -9.40am            (with Rachel)

Saturday        9.50am  -10.50am          (with Rachel)


Intermediate Class


Monday        9.30 am - 10.30 am         (with Anne)

Monday         7.30pm    - 8.30pm         (with Anne)

Wednesday    7.30 pm - 8.30 pm         (with Moya)

Thursday       7.30 pm   - 8.30pm         (with Rachel)

Friday             9.30 am - 10.30 am        (with Anne)


Advanced Class

Tuesday       7.30pm   - 8.30 pm          (with Rahael)                                                                                                    

Child care available

8.00 am - 6.00 pm

DO RE MI Nursery

( special rate available)

Bookings now being taken for Introductory assessment for all courses
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