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Pilates is a Great Pick Me Up

I am pleased to have reached a point that I can begin to see live classes happening at the studio although I think the decision may be out of my control if the messages we are starting to get this weekend develop further !! In these very uncertain times I hope Pilates By Physiotherapy Online will continue to provide a safe and reliable service to you all. I hope to combine the live and online services to develop a viable, sustainable business.

We have had a phone line put into the studio so can now deliver Zoom on super fast broadband ….I hope! Our search for a new webcam has finally ended as Mike managed to buy one from Facebook Market place within 20 mins of it coming on sale!! Family in Vietnam and Hong Kong have failed to find one for us so Mike is very pleased !! He has persevered this week and finished painting the studio / bathrooms etc …..just the outside door left to do !!

Even though I was tempted to do Zoom from the garden on Friday morning with all that lovely summer weather around, we stuck to our plan and headed up to the studio to test out the equipment. I’m pleased to say the class went well and the participants gave very positive feedback. The layout is a bit different to how I have it at home but I’m sure with practice I will feel comfortable with it. From that I’m now planning to trial doing a Zoom class while having live participants in the studio . I have had some volunteers so over the next two weeks we will try this out and all being well will be able to open it up to all Gold and Platinum Clients from September. Depending on numbers it is likely that weekly live classes will not be an option at the start but time will tell.

I have enjoyed working from home doing Pilates on Mondays and Fridays for the past few months. Heading out on Friday morning was tinged with sadness but the positive feeling of having options to develop the business is very satisfying. I will now be staying at home on a Wednesday and doing my NHS telephone consultations from here. At least that means I only have to suffer Archie’s sad face three mornings a week!!! He has got very used to us both being here!!

The route ahead is far from clear but having come so far with Pilates By Physiotherapy on line I am very grateful to you all to be where we are today. We thank you for your continued support and hope we will be able to offer some face to face classes to those who want to come combined with videos / Zoom in the near future.

Take Care


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1 Comment

Hi Ann,as usual great to read your messages.Hopefully classes will start back in your studio and I will be able to join you.Thanks for keeping me updated.Keep up your good work.Take care.xx

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