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Pilates- Great for Maintaining Balance for Body and Mind

This week I have been totally consumed in developing Pilates By Physiotherapy into an On Line business.

On Tuesday, the death of our UHND department domestic was a tragic reminder of the sadness and suffering of Co-Vid 19 that is the driving force behind my decision to try to keep Pilates By Physiotherapy alive.

A very dark cloud is sitting over the Physio department. Our usual physios are scattered throughout the trust from Darlington Memorial Hospital to Shotley Bridge Hospital as the Trust tries to maximise its workforce and keep staff apart in clean and non clean areas. We miss not being able to share our memories of Tom face to face with each other. Listening to people's stories he certainly brought warmth and a smile to all our lives.

I did my first telephone initial assessment with an NHS patient this week. Quite a learning curve !!! Usually telephone conversations with patients are in addition to seeing them. It was quite something knowing that this patient needs help and support to manage their pain but in current circumstances they will not be seeing a physio face to face. We are moving towards video conference calls which we all feel will be much more beneficial.

Above Joseph Pilates demonstrating what we all hope to achieve during lock down???!

We are pleased with the initial response to our new look website and on line booking. From your feedback many of you are enjoying doing the online videos more than once a week. That's great I am very proud of you.

The zoom classes are being well received so please do get in touch if you would like to try one (no charge) . Many clients have not used Zoom before. Some need a commitment to a specific time to motivate themselves to keep up with Pilates. Others enjoy the company of being in a class and have admitted to working a bit harder knowing I have my eye on them !!

I have felt very proud that so many of you understand and value the benefits of Pilates and are enjoying the online videos and Zoom classes in these difficult times. I have to say I always feel better at the end of a class than I do at the start so I hope many of you share that feeling .So if you have not already done so, please sign up to one of the paid plans and help our On Line community grow to keep Pilates By Physiotherapy alive.

Take care and Stay at home

Anne xx

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16 พ.ค. 2563

Loved the zoom class yesterday morning Anne. Thank you again for doing so much to ensure we can still take part in your fabulous Pilates classes. Looking forward to next Friday! xx

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