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Pilates A Healthier Mind and Body. The Ability to Push the Boundaries !

A short blog this week as my brain is reeling from absorbing so much change in one week !!

The week started well doing Zoom Pilates from an empty studio. The bright sunshine into the room reminded me of what a nice place it is to work. I quite enjoyed stopping off at Tesco on my way home at 9.00 pm to pick up some treats. Mike had left the studio at about 8.00 pm once we were confident that the light would be good enough and had also stopped at Tesco for some pick me ups….so we were well stocked for the rest of the week.

My NHS home working day went ok. I managed to use the laptop and headset from home so was thankful for some success. By the end of a day of working from home I had no idea what time it was and a long walk with Archie was essential. After a day in UHND on Thursday a run was required to clear my mind!! I am pleased I can offer my colleagues plenty of clinical support in exchange for technical support. The amount of new skills I am picking up feels phenomenal never mind trying to offer some effective treatment to patients over the telephone!!! I have some face to face appointments next week which will be light relief….I hope !! The physical and mental effects of being stuck at home for 3 to 4 months cannot be underestimated, highlighting to me even more the benefits of keeping up Pilates in whatever form works for you.

On Friday we had just 3 clients in the studio doing a class with the people on Zoom. Feedback has been positive so I am looking forwards to having a few more people in the studio this week to see if we can upscale the plan. Certainly having some practice runs from both the practical and technical side of things has been essential.

If any Gold or Platinum members would like to come to the studio for a trial live session while Zoom is being delivered next Monday 17th Aug at 9.30 am or 6.00 pm please do get in touch.

I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying Pilates

Take Care


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1 Comment

Unknown member
Aug 11, 2020

Was great to do a live class yesterday much better than staring at a screen!! And to be in the studio with like minded folk brilliant!! And of course great to see you thx Anne for all you efforts

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