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Lots to Celebrate !

July has been a hectic month at Pilates By Physiotherapy. The Live classes are growing well and our Physiotherapy appointments have been busy too.

There has been lots to celebrate. It is really nice to be back live in the studio sharing the ups and downs of life with so many of you.

Rachel was very proud when one of her clients brought her recently awarded MBE medal into class . Michelle works for the County Durham Community Foundation and was awarded the honour for her outstanding contribution to the Community effort during covid. Congratulations to Michelle,

One of the reasons I love teaching Pilates is seeing how it benefits such a broad range of people. From clients starting out and completing the couch to 5km to clients running huge distances up and down the mountains of the Lake district and elsewhere across the country your motivation and enthusiasm amazes me. It is great to see several of you achieve your goals at slimming world and I hope the strengthening and toning that Pilates gives you will help you to maintain your new weight.

Thank you to those of you that completed the Balance Challenge I look forwards to hearing about your progress. You can print out the balance challenge on the homepage of the website and find out your score. I’m sure with regular Balance exercises you would see an improvement in your score over six months. Checking your score may help motivate you to practice simple regular balance exercises which I’m sure will be of benefit.

We had an excellent turn out at the studio during the heatwave......28 degrees in the studio but still you came. Thank you for your commitment to the classes.

Shirley and I ran our second Menopause session with an even bigger turn out this time. Feedback has again been very positive with everyone enjoying hearing some useful advice and feeling that coming to the session helps you make changes that you had been thinking about doing for a while (or a long time !!) Do keep a look out for further sessions in the future.

Well done and thank you to Josie for completing her APPI Matwork certification. It's so nice to have fresh ideas to share with each other.

I hope you are enjoying the good weather and spending time on your mat


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