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Keep Trying, Don't Give Up !

It has been lovely to welcome more people back to the Live Classes last week and again this week. Hearing how everyone is navigating their lives through these unique times is fascinating and lovely to share ideas on how to see friends, have fun and stay safe.

As the building work on the unit next door continues we smiled this morning as the sound of sheep baa-ing replaced the hammering of window fitting. Someone’s sharp hearing picked up the lovely sound of sheep and when I looked out the window a truck was parked up with sheep in its trailer !!

As we continue to learn and adapt to our new world everyone is enjoying Josie’s classes and she is delighted to be getting to know her new clients. She has had a trial run on Zoom as she is covering my Zoom session on 21.6.21. Learning opportunities are endless!! I enjoyed making the most of the good weather by making my video in the garden this week. (it will hopefully be uploaded onto the website soon)

As we come to the end of the first four weeks of live classes I’m preparing myself for a few messages as people work out their renewal dates and the challenge of booking their next four sessions. You can find your renewal date by clicking on the down arrow next to your name, followed by My Subscriptions, followed by the down arrow next to your active Plan and there you will see your start date which is your renewal date. We have started with a 5 week month for many and a bank holiday so not an easy start but please be reassured the system does work, you just need to do it for a few months and it will feel easy!! Do get in touch if you are confused!!

June is going to be a busy month as my daughter Rachel is getting married on 21.6.21 and Rachael Bullock and I are taking holiday. The alterations to the timetable are on the Class Times page of the website so please do book an alternative session if you need to!! I am really pleased that several clients have booked into Zoom if they have missed their live session. This is really making the most of your subscription so I thank you for your willingness to adapt to our new ways. I am so grateful to you all for your continued support. Keeping Pilates alive in your current routines brings great benefits to our Physical and Mental health.

The uncertainty around us continues to take its toll in many ways. The calmness of getting down on your mat at some stage in your week certainly relaxes the mind restores some energy and improves strength and flexibility.

Archie has reverted to a young puppy this week, chasing his water bowl around the garden. He has been very excited as more visitors come into our house and garden. By the time the fourth set came he was able to control himself enough that he didn’t get put away into his crate!!

I hope you are all keeping well

Take Care


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