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Great to Hear from You !

Thank you to the 54 people who replied to our recent survey. Your constructive feedback and positive comments mean a lot to us all. An even mix of Gold and Platinum members replied which is really helpful as we move forwards with our on line work.

We have made this word cloud of the most used words and if you click on it you will link to a page with lots of the comments on.

As Physiotherapists teaching Pilates at the studio we observe how your bodies are responding to the exercises we are teaching , we listen to your verbal feedback and take on board your non verbal communication too . This is fundamental to our exercise planning . Not having that information when we are making the videos makes class planning a whole new experience. To read your comments makes an enormous difference and helps us deliver videos we hope provide a good range Pilates exercises which you feel are applicable to you.

The Zoom classes have gone really well this week. Six weeks in I think I am getting to know the clients that don't usually come to my classes and they are getting to know me. I am really pleased to see that your understanding of the important Pilates Principles of Control and Precision mean that you follow the instructions clearly and work at your individual level.This week we had three different exercises happening at once on the screen which was just brilliant to see. I think we have all become more confident in the whole set up so I thank you for your commitment and willingness to have a go. I'm confident from the comments received people doing the videos are equally good at following the adaptations which is great to know.

I appreciate the many different reasons people have for choosing Gold or Platinum Membership. As our lives ease out of Lockdown these may change. If their is a little voice at the back of your mind wondering about Zoom please do get in touch for a FREE

trial session. There is capacity in all the sessions and you can rearrange your session on the day if something unexpected comes up. If you have any queries about it please get in touch. I enjoy hearing about what's going on in your lives, the arrival of new grandchildren, moving house, hair colour ideas are some of the topics covered over the past few weeks !!

I hope to get back to you this week about selling equipment . Not everyone wants to use equipment so don't worry if we use any equipment in the main videos and Zoom classes we will always provide an alternative exercise for people without equipment.

We have an interesting week ahead as we await the Government Guidelines for the opening of Gyms .The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has done a huge amount of work to support us in our return to individual face to face Consultations . Hopefully they will continue to produce guidelines for group work .

As Physiotherapists we work under their umbrella / Insurance so we will have to wait for their Guidelines before moving forwards with a return to the studio. A Virtual consultation still must happen before someone can be seen face to face for Physiotherapy Treatment. We will do our best to keep you updated in this.

Having worked in A+ E for three months and observed the added complications any injury brings to our lives at the moment I don't feel we need to rush back to the studio . I'm sure we all want a safe and fulfilling return. No doubt our Co-Vid journey will have many more twists and turns but I feel more confident now that with your obvious support we will all be together again when the time is right.

I hope the warm weather stretches up the north east coast this week and that you are all easing out of lockdown in your own individual, safe way. I have to say not much has changed for me this week except Mike did the shopping for the first time which was great except there weren't many treats in the bag!! He did make up for it today by baking his own Fathers Day Cake !!

Take Care, Stay Alert


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