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Focus on Physiotherapy

At "Pilates by Physiotherapy" we are delighted to be offering more physiotherapy treatments.

Conditions we treat include:

- Neck and back pain,

- Joint and soft tissue problems,

- Arthritic conditions,

- Sports injuries,

- Cervicogenic headaches,

- Sprains and strains.

After a thorough assessment, a diagnosis is made. We will explain the likely reasons for your pain / loss of function and a treatment plan and goals are then agreed.

Treatment may include Manual Therapy, Therapeutic Massage, Electrotherapy, Acupuncture for pain relief, Exercises/Pilates, Postural and Coping advice.

Physiotherapy Treatment will help to reduce pain, restore movement, regain strength and function. Clients will be educated about the problems to help reduce the likelihood of re-occurrence.

I am also pleased to announce that home visits are now being offered within 10 miles of Meadowfield. If you have transport issues or time constraints then maybe a home visit would be the solution. If you are interested in a home visit or physiotherapy at the Meadowfield clinic then please call either

Anne Burr on 07814 776047 or

Karen Steele on 07572 574624.

or send us a message via the website

Please mention Pilates by Physiotherapy when you call.

We are looking forward to helping you recover from pain and injury, enabling you to live a fuller life.

Anne and Karen

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