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Don't Just Buy a Gadget !

I wonder how many of you have been watching the recent channel 5 programme on Women's Health Issues. There is usually so little on TV about health issues like endometriosis, period pain, the menopause or bladder leakage. These are subjects that we often just don't talk about and tend to endure until we are desperate.

The Good news is that there is such a lot that can be done. Talking to my women's health physiotherapy friends about the show, one big message we want to send is see a women's health physiotherapist, don't struggle. The TV show trialed a range of products for bladder issues including electric shorts! We really want to encourage women to see a physiotherapist and get an individual assessment rather than spending hundreds of pounds on gadgets. Exercise is often what's needed or if extra help is needed get advice first. I have encountered many women with bags full of gadgets and money spent which was just not what was needed.

It's good to know painful conditions like endometriosis and pelvic pain once investigated can be helped by physiotherapy. However rather than paying money for a big machine to massage you like in the TV programme, I can teach breathing techniques, stretches, self massage and exercises; all making a difference.

So whilst it was great to see these subjects being aired, I was disappointed in how women were being encouraged to buy a gadget and the lack of information on what physiotherapy can do. I hope you will feel empowered to make an appointment to see me at the Clinic. I am pleased to be able to offer either Face to face or video appointments in which we can discuss your concerns and agree a

plan to help you move forwards.


Women's Health Physiotherapy Specialist

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