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A Special Day

It's now two weeks since we celebrated Rachel and Jon's wedding and I've still not caught up with everyone to share the happiness of the day. It was a really fantastic day and it has been great to share the memories and photos with so many of you.

The celebrations started well as we arrived at the gorgeous cottages we had booked for the weekend to find the farmyard full of sheep being sheared .....lucky we had not brought Archie!!

The wedding day itself started early at 6.45 am when the hairdresser arrived and she was still busy at 9.15 am ......Mike didn't know what had hit him as he sat eating his breakfast listening to 3 ladies sharing their stories with the hairdresser!!

The day was perfect in every way. Rachel's smile from beginning to end expressed her delight. The rain stayed away, I was driven very safely down the 3 mile single tracked lane to the church (no reversing required) and all over the lakes for the rest of our activities.

The day was action packed with eating, rowing, walking and eating again. Everyone enjoyed themselves as Rachel and Jon shared their passion for life with us all.

We await the official photos so here are some family snaps.

Many of you have asked how they got to the top of the cairn on Gummers How so the video reveals all.....

I hope you are all keeping well. We await yet another announcement from Boris to see where we go from here !!!

Take Care


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