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Post Natal

You can start Pilates 10 weeks after delivery.

If you have been cleared for exercise by your health care provider and are ready to leave the house with your baby, we offer a new Postnatal Mat class which will help you get your pre-baby body back. The classes target posture, pelvic floor, and full body reconditioning. Babies up to eight months are welcome. 

Classes will have up to eight mums and babies in. 

The sessions take place in a relaxed atmosphere where it is expected you will show your baby attention during the session.

All mums who have not  attended Ante Natal Pilates Classes with Pilates by Physiotherapy will need an intial assessment. Please use the booking link to request an introductory assessment.


Introductory Assessment

To get the most from your Pilates exercise class it is important to understand the Pilates Principles and perform the exercises correctly. 

 In this, Anne will identify your abnormal movement patterns and muscle imbalance and select the most beneficial Pilates exercises for you . The introductory assessment is particularly important with Postnatal mums. This session will allow Anne to assess your Individual needs. Anne has over 25 years of experience in this field.

Anne will introduce you to the Pilates Principles and teach you the correct method to activate your core muscles so that you can safely progress and gain the strength and control you had before the birth.​

  A Post Natal Pilates class will run on a Thursday at 1.00 pm for 45 mins with Shirley our Specialist Women's health Physiotherapist.


Babies that are not on the move are welcome to come to class,  please bring a mat for them to lie on. You will be responsible for your baby at all times.

The cost is £8.50 per session payable in advance for 4 weeks ( minimum payment £25.50)  last minute cancellations are not refundable although you could swap into a regular class.

Shirley is a qualified Physiotherapist and a Specialist in Women's Health and is looking forwards to working with you and your babies.


Please click on the registration form below,fill in and bring with you to your first session ( all sessions must be pre booked ) click on the booking link to organise a start date

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